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Cops Arrest ODB Again - 3/31/99
ODB was arrested for the second time in one week, this time in Harlem. Police stopped the Ol' Dirty Bastard around 7:30 p.m., Friday night, when they spotted him driving his 1996 Range Rover sans license plates again. During the stop, the officers discovered the Wu Tang Clansman was driving with a suspended license, but, this time, he had no crack.

This makes the sixth time his license has been suspended and, grander still, the seventh time he's been arrested in as many months. He's due in Manhattan Criminal Court on April 27 to face this charge, and Brooklyn on April 22nd for his charge of possession.

He went to court on Wednesday, in Los Angeles, for the incident in which he was wearing a bulletproof vest, and he still has two pending trials in Los Angeles -- one of which has issued a bench warrant for his arrest - for allegedly threatening his baby's mother and for allegedly threatening a nightclub bouncer. According to The New York Daily News, ODB has nine convictions in the Big Apple alone, dating back to 1987.

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