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ODB Gets 4 Years - 7/18/01
ODB was sentenced today to two to four years in prison buy a New York state Supreme Court Judge Joseph Grosso. Check out ODB's prison address for more information on this sentence and when he will be able to get out!

The troubled Wu-Tang Clan rapper pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a controlled substance on April 19th, stemming from 1999 arrest when police found cocaine and marijuana in his car after pulling him over for running a red light.

Because ODB pleaded guilty, he received the shortest possible sentence for the crime, and, as part of the agreement, prosecutors agreed to dismiss charges filed after he fled a drug-treatment facility in Los Angeles last October.

ODB remained on the lam for a week, making a surprise appearance at a November Wu-Tang performance in New York City, before he was apprehended in Philadelphia. He was extradited to New York last December to face the drug possession charges.

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