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ODB Back To Prison - 1/24/00
A California Superior Court judge ordered ODB be taken into custody for failing to make his $150,000 bail on Wednesday, July 28. According to All-star, the bond company also received no collateral from him.

ODB and his lawyer, Robert Shapiro, were in court that Wednesday for a hearing on the charges of terrorist threats, made on Wednesday, September 16, against nightclub bouncers who ejected him for disruptive behavior at the House of Blues in West Hollywood.

When they arrived, Judge Richard Neudorf sent the Wu Clansman to the big house for bouncing his check to the bail bondsman. Neudorf also ordered the bail be lowered by $50,000; which Ol' Dirty paid on Thursday morning.

He's due back in court for another hearing on Friday, September 10. Earlier on Wednesday, another judge, Richard Berry, had found enough evidence against ODB to push his case of illegally wearing a bullet proof vest up to Superior Court.

ODB, who's already pled not guilty, is making history as the first person arrested under the new California law which forbids convicted felons to wear body armor, and is scheduled to be re-arraigned in Los Angeles Superior Court on August 12.

This is the third time that the Ol' Dirty Bastard has pled not guilty to felony counts of terrorist threats, and, if he's convicted, he could face upto four years in prison.

Odds are, all of these new legal complications will also wind up further delaying the release of his second album, Nigga Please, now scheduled to be released on August 24.

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