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ODB Sentenced - 11/22/99
The Wu-Tang Clan's most incoherent MC (which is saying something), Ol' Dirty Bastard, was sentenced to one year in a drug rehabilitation facility, three years probation, and a fine of $500 on November 19|, by Los Angeles Superior Court judge Marsha Revel.

Since he voluntarily entered a rehabilitation center in late August, however, Ol' Dirty was given 86 days credit towards his year of rehab. He received this sentence as part of a plea bargain with the state of California.

ODB pled no contest to making death threats against a nightclub bouncer and to the felony charge of wearing a bulletproof vest (California's first case testing the law forbidding convicted felons to wear body armor), but not before attempting to explain to the judge how the New York City police were conspiring against him.

According to wire reports, he told Judge Revel, "After I finish the program, I live in New York. What I'm saying is, I gotta suit on the city. All the officers know me there; they're going to be looking to lock me up.

I don't want no officers to be just kicking on me... I'm talking about getting picked on."  "Well, the next time you see a cop, don't say, 'you can't do shit with me, 'and maybe you won't have a problem." Revel advised.

ODB went on to allege that the police faked evidence against him after his shoot-out with a pair of officers earlier in the year, and at one point told the judge, "Jesus loves you."

If Ol' Dirty manages not to get into any further trouble with the law during the next 18 months, his felony terrorist threat charge will be reduced to a misdemeanor.

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