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Police Blame ODB - 1/20/99
Wu-Tang's most deeply disturbed member (and that's saying something), the Ol' Dirty Bastard, spent the extended weekend in lockup after shooting at two Brooklyn Zoo police officials.

The plain-clothes officers pulled ODB's green '99 Chevy Tahoe over at the junction of New York's Dean and Troy Avenues in an unmarked vehicle at 8:15pm for swerving between lanes with its headlights switched off.

When the officers approached the car, the Clansman fired several shots, and when fire was returned, he sped way to his aunt's house, getting a rear tire shot out in the process.

There, police apprehended the rapper, while 60 Second Assassin, who had apparently been a passenger during the entire incident, ran off, only to get picked up at 11pm and released without charges.

Ol' Dirty, who was reportedly wearing a bulletproof vest at the time of his arrest, denies all charges, despite spent shells found on the scene, and is out on $150,000 bail. ODB could be sentenced for up to 25 years in the 6 x 10 chamber for first and second degree attempted murder of a police officer, second degree attempted aggravated assault, and second and third degree criminal possession of a weapon.

Reports in the New York Times of the 60 Second Assassin agreeing to testify against the Bastard for immunity from prosecution has been denied by the prosecution.

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