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One Down But 3 To Go - 4/20/99
Compton, California, Superior Court Judge James A. Kaddo dismissed terrorist threat charges against ODB on Monday due to lack of evidence. The case alleged that in November '98, the Ol' Dirty Bastard threatened his former girlfriend, scaling a fence at her job site to get at her, before police stopped him.

During the trial, his ex's testimony proved inconsistent with statements she'd given the police in December. In January, ODB said, "I ain't no terrorist. I'm just a regular rap artist who loves women, who loves partying, who loves to fuck, who loves people not to lie about him. I know I didn't do it; that's why I'm not worried about it." Had he been convicted, ODB could have been sent to prison for three years.

The rest of their business includes another case involving alleged terrorist threats made against three bouncers at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, who had thrown him out of the club in September.

If convicted, ODB could face up to four years and four months in jail. From there, ODB moves on to Los Angeles Municipal Court for a preliminary hearing about a violation of a new state law forbidding convicted felons from wearing body armor.

Judge Richard Berry adjourned that case to May 18, so ODB's new lawyer, Robert Shapiro, could review the case. Then, ODB is off to Brooklyn Superior Court where he'll answer possession charges for a March 22 incident. ODB was pulled over for driving without license plates, and found to be in possession of three vials of crack cocaine.

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