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I just want to list a few ideas I have that might work. We can do a petition, we can pull a Ghandi or we can just go crazy and see what happens. It's time we fix this injustice and make shit right again!
Look at him, he did no wrong!

The Petition Plan!
Realistically we'll probably need over a 1,000 for it to work though. Once we have enough members, we'll make a petition and send it out to our member. Members will have everyone they know sign it. Then we'll turn it into the courts and see if they care about ODB and the people who support him.

The Ghandi Way!
In this plan, I want to mimic Mahatma Ghandi's tactics in protecting India and its people from British rule. We will need a leader. SKL is willing to be our leader in this plan. Basically, SKL will starve himself like Ghandi did. The government worried about the reactions of our followers will some how satisfy our wants and free ODB!

Why Is ODB In Jail?
Please click on prison address to see his current charge and sentence length.

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