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Oct. 31st 2002
- Site won't be updated for awhile, I have no time to work on it
- and there isnt much to update anymore.

- So thanks for coming to the site and making it as big as it got
- but it is closed til further notice and I might not comeback to it
- at all.

- If you would like to keep this site going, I will give you the site
- password. Just e-mail me your request and you can take over
- this site. You must maintain the site, and keep it how it is so
- please don't ask if you dont want to update it.

- Peace to all that made this site possible KZA from the WTW is
- one of them I would like to thank and to all the members thanks
- for joining, I never thought we would get to almost 1000 people to
- join when we first started.

Oct. 30th 2002
- Member List updated total is now 884! Keep joining let's go to
- 1000! One thing to add, please sign up only once, its hard to
- update everyday so check the member list when its updated
- then e-mail me if your name is not on the list.

- Wednesday I will add some new ODB pics, thanks to member
- Sirbi Dan for the new images of Ol' Dirty!!!!

- New links page will now enable you to add your own links but
- no adult websites allowed, and multiple entries will be deleted!

- Thanks to those who joined and please spread the word and
- add my site to your links page!

- Peace and Free ODB!

Oct. 21st 2002
- Member List updated, total now equals 854!  Thanks to those
- who have joined and those who haven't please do!

- I am in the process of making the new board but the free server
- that is on is a little slow during peak hours. So I am looking for
- a new one before I make it available for use.

- E-mail me any free sites that allow php & mySQL.

- I have been slacking on the member's links page but I will try
- and find a new way to add them so members can add their sites
- by themselves. Look for this soon!

Oct. 19th 2002
- ODB pic in question was infact RZA, thanks to the peeps who
- sent me the e-mails! I will look for an image to replace it soon.

- Member List will be updated on monday, so come back then to
- see the new member total!

- Updated a few broken links, that I found. Site should be 100%
- flawless for Internet Explorer 6 users with display at 800 x 600.

- Also if you use Netscape, please download Mozilla 1.1 it is the
- best Netscape browser ever made and has tabs for easy
- browsing. for the browser.

Oct. 15th 2002
- Updated the arrest files, added a new one and took down an
- unrelated file.  If you know where I can find more, e-mail me.

- Moved Sept. news to the archives, look for every month to go
- into the archives, this will keep the page from taking forever
- to load.

- There is a pic in question about it either being ODB or RZA,
- I was told it was ODB, and on another site it's listed as ODB
- but I got an e-mail saying it was RZA.

- So go to the picture here and e-mail me the answer. The more
- I look at it the more it doesn't look like ODB.  But since only
- one guy is telling me it's RZA, I need some more feedback.

Oct. 11th 2002
- Member list updated, total is now at 833!!!

- I may have a new board instead of the WTW but it won't be a
- hip hop board it will be a gaming/wrestling board.

- It will have no ads or pop-ups so it should be good, its almost
- the same style as the WTW forums but a little better options.

- Any suggestions you want to see in the board please e-mail
- me, use the link at the top of this page.  I am going to add a
- lot of features so look out for it soon!

Oct. 7th 2002
- Updated the links on every page, no more underline on the
- navigation menu, it's now easier to read them.

- ODB pics are updated with a new pic, I thought I had two but I
- must not have saved the other correctly.  Enjoy the one tho :)

- My store is no more :(  I won't sell anymore free odb products
- I will still sell some stuff but it won't be as cool until I can get
- some time and update it.  

- more updates soon!

Oct. 5th 2002
- I am slowly going to phase out the "free odb" shirts and go with
- a lot of designs that are mine and not bother with people who
- get pissed and want to throw the "legal" card out at me.

- So check it out every other day to see some of the new designs
- of mine and hey if you got a design you want to see e-mail me!

- I will even make a store for you for FREE as long as I have a link
- on your store to this site. This way you'll earn the money for the
- shirts you design!  Just e-mail me here.

- Saturday night I will update the ODB pictures with two new ones
- I found the other night on a couple of sites.

Oct. 3rd 2002
- Just a quick disclaimer to avoid any confusion; I am in no
- way involved in printing/shipping/pricing of our shirts.

- CAFEPRESS runs everything, all I do is provide the images
- for the shirts. That's it!  I can't give discounts/free shirts to
- anyone cuz frankly I'm poor, I can't even afford the hoody's.

- So please do not call me and ask about why the shirts are
- taking so long to ship cuz I do NOT know.  It is also against
- CAFEPRESS's policy to give out any info regarding sales of
- the shirts as I am not the person your buying from.

- I am just the image supplier, you are NOT my customer but
- CAFEPRESS's customer.  Hopefully this clarifies things.

- Also if you order ground shipping it will take 4-10 days so
- plan in advance, get 2-day air if you need them quick.

- Sadly to say, I am going to take down most of the "free odb"
- shirts that have any picture with ODB on them to avoid legal
- troubles, I am not going to risk getting sued for nothing.

Oct. 2nd 2002
- Small update on the links, check it out hover over this here
- looks good to me and that's all that matters :)

- Homicide of the WTW forums, mentioned this site for an
- interview which is sweet, much props goes to him for that!

- Look for that interview which should contain our link soon!

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