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Sept. 29th 2002
- The Free ODB Coalition and WTW have teamed up and as
- of now, our message board is now the WTW forums!

- Check it out at

- This will allow me to have more time on this site and shut
- down our board as the WTW is the best Wu board online!

- Remember we do have new designs for our shirts! You
- Should buy one today, the Wu already bought theirs!

Sept. 28th 2002
- New designs are on our shirts, plus a look to October
- spend $25 and receive FREE ground shipping!

- Look for more sales coming around the end of the year
- for the upcoming holiday's!

- Any suggestions for the shirts, please e-mail me!

Sept. 26th 2002
- Member list total is now 792!  8 away from 800, much thanks
- to all that has supported ODB and this site!

- Keep the word out lets get this to 1000!

- Free ODB Stickers now up for sale for $2.99! Put them
- wherever you want to show some luv to ODB!

- Added two more ODB pics, kinda small but not seen a lot
- check it out here. It will take awhile to load.

Sept. 24th 2002
- Arrest Files now updated, I am not done with it though, I will
- continue to add more files as I find them, so if you know of
- any ODB Arrest Files please e-mail me!

- Media Files are 95% done, I tried updating some audio files
- but had a problem uploading them today but I'll try tomorrow.

- I need a good .WAV editor, if ya got one please let me know!

- Peace and Free ODB!

Sept. 23rd 2002
- New Update date for our site!  September 24th!!!! Much
- sooner than I thought but it looks good, check the arrest
- files page for the new files.

- Added 2 wallpapers to the media files page. Once again
- thanks to KZA for the "Free ODB" wallpaper!

- If you got a public pc at a college, please change the wallpaper
- to our Free ODB one, this should get more peeps to our site.

Sept. 21st 2002
- Added a couple of icons to download, ODB cd covers and
- a couple Wu symbols, thanks to KZA for the symbols!
- click on media files for the icons.

- Looks good for an October 1st update on the arrest and
- media files, It should be complete by then!

Sept. 20th 2002
- We are now pop-up FREE!!! Isn't it much better now? Also
- it gave me more bandwidth so expect some more media files
- after October 1st!

- Customize your shirt with any design you WANT! Just send
- in your design to me and I will add it to our shirts at no cost
- to you!

- Request a design by e-mailing here if it's good I will make it
- and add it to our line of free ODB shirts, in a category called
- Customized!

- New look on the home page, I am trying to make this site the
- best that I can, any suggestions would help a lot!

Sept. 19th 2002
- Free ODB Baseball Jersey's are now a $1 cheaper at $17.99
- Also clocks, mouse pads and backpacks are also cheaper!

- Please go to our store and look at our product changes
- which are in the categories of hats, misc., and jersey's!

- Check out it's a great Wutang site and
- has one of the best forums on the web today!

- Shirts are on sale that Wutang wants to buy, it costs less than
- any other shirt for our site, as a special to the Wu, click here

Sept. 16th 2002
- Member List updated, grand total is 779!!! Spread the word
- and get that number to 800!  Click here to see!

- October 1st is the new update date incase you didn't know.

- I need some help with HTML for our store, if you can help
- please e-mail me here.

Sept. 15th 2002
- Dreddy Kruger of the Wu called me looking to buy our
- Free ODB Shirts, however due to pricing they can't order what
- they wanted, which was 100 - 200 shirts with a combination
- of white and grey and some long sleeves.

- They still want some shirts though, with their recording label
- "Digital Recordings" on the back plus my website url on em!
- I made the image for them and will be adding it to our store
- Monday, Sept. 16th and hopefully they will buy some!

- Stay tuned for more information, and please check
- out our Free ODB Store here.

- Bad news on the update for this site, I am unable to complete
- the Arrest Files or Media Files but a new date is set for 10/1.
- sorry about that but right now I have no time to update.

- The member list will be updated on monday!

Sept. 13th 2002
- Possible Wu-Connection? I was contacted by e-mail and
- from what I know, it was the Wu. I am expecting a phone call
- today so stay tuned for more information.

Sept. 11th 2002
- The Original Free ODB Coalition remembers the tragedy of
- 9/11/01, and we send our best wishes to those who lost
- family members in the twin towers, pentagon, flight 93
- and in the flights that were used to attack America.

Sept. 9th 2002
- Happy Birthday to my brother; Member 200!

- Another new design up today, "Team Bastard" which looks
- best on the Baseball Jersey's, is only $18.99, click here.

- I update the shirts all the time, so if you don't like a design
- wait a few days and check again for new styles!

Sept. 7th 2002
- Member list updated, grand total = 756!
- $5 flat shipping no matter how much you buy at our store,
- plus buy $50 or more and shipping is FREE!

- 1998 Arrest files complete, check that out here
- All other files will be done on the 15th, including media files!

Sept. 6th 2002
- New free ODB store is up, more products and more color.
- Store is broken up into 6 categories, so go and shop today!

- New sale for cups and mugs; under Free ODB Mugs.
- Backpack is $3.00 off, now 24.99!
- Hoody's are only here for a limited time, act fast!

- Added "News" page to keep you guys updated!

Sept. 2nd 2002
- New look to our site, easier to navigate for all browsers.
- Color image/text shirts now available at our store.

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